• Patents (Utility Models)


    Our services cover obtaining rights in Japan, as well as maintaining and utilizing the obtained rights, including representing our clients in disputes and lawsuits. For technologies and products that are currently under development, we can help discover inventions and will propose appropriate measures to obtain effective rights. For overseas clients who wish to expand their business in Japan, we can also assist with Japanese applications. We prepare drawings and Japanese and English translations in-house so that we can closely meet your needs and take necessary actions promptly.

  • Trademarks


    We offer consultations and services to meet the needs of domestic and foreign clients which may be large corporations, small businesses, or individuals. We handle all services regarding trademarks, including searches, applications, prosecutions, and registrations. We have been successful in prosecuting many trademark applications through extensive researches on past patent office and court rulings.

  • Designs


    We offer the best means to protect your product design from various aspects. In addition to filing design applications, we can also propose to protect the product design by other forms of intellectual property, such as patent rights or copyrights. We are trained to prepare drawings (or photographs) in-house so as to fulfill the requirements of the patent office and maximize protection. Our design staff members are trained to use up-to-date CAD software.

  • Others


    We not only handle procedures for acquiring intellectual property rights but also provide total support for the protection and use of our clients' important rights, including copyrights. We provide all kinds of services related to intellectual property, such as handling disputes and lawsuits, conducting searches, and providing expert opinions. We also provide intellectual property consulting services that propose solutions from various perspectives to protect intellectual property. We will support our clients' domestic and international business not only in obtaining rights but also in various aspects of intellectual property by utilizing our experience.


We are available for various consultations regarding intellectual property matters.
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